Autumnfest is here!
This seasonal competition connects users with identical performance across basic playing fields.

Thus suitable contestants are matched with each other to keep participation still interesting and challenging.

We advise you to carefully evaluate your strongest sides and start from most fitting activities.

Enter the tournament by Crypts' exploration if you focused on materials' raiding earlier. There is a chance that you mostly used one specific Captain while skipping levelling up of Guardsmen or completely ignoring Specialists.

You will definitely be able to upgrade Autumnfest Chest to maximum if you do what you best at!

Earn more points, spend rewards to evolve further and switch to Monster hunting or battles against rival players.
buhahaha podziaƂ na guupy 50 m potegi z graczami 350 m potegi gratuluje poczucia humoru hahahaha
Faubar I
Oh, sorry, it is beta version bug.. Anyway, could you pls create some place, where we could put our "insights" from the Beta version. To help you put away the bugs? thx F
Faubar I
OMG. The stats of the tournaments are hidden! So I dont see my position or how much points I need to be in the top 100.. PLS, PUT BACK THE VIEW OF PRELIMINARY RANKING. thx.. For me it is doesnt matter to play tournaments. I am not gold or silver player yet, so I will not waste my time.. :( PS. I am using Beta, so I am not sure if it is possible to see it in old version..
Reduce back silver gathering time! you are killing the game!
Dear Administrator(s).

Showing probability of obtaining a specific reward in a given chest would be nice. Also please take out food, wood, iron and stone from such tournaments. Rewards which can't be harvested on the world map would be ideal for those taking part for their efforts. Not everyone is going to make top 100.