Increased Talent points Amount
Dear friends!

Some players were surprised to find an increase in the number of available Talent points.

We returned all points which were previously spent on Talents associated with the Legendary Crypts.

These Talents were removed from the game. Now you can redistribute the points used to study them.

We have received many questions regarding similar Technologies for the Legendary Crypts.
Restoration of Valor points will surely be performed if these Technologies are deleted.
Yea! nice.
lord rali of scots king of England
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Kicha i tak nic nie chodzi
Lady Of the Lake
Can you please allow us to transfer some of our stuff to other players in the game , i would be so nice to do so , start listening to your players and even responding in here would be nice
ok !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
getting more diff and diff to play
Bronn of Blackwater
When are you taking out the Legendary Crypts in the Academy now?
pieprzone złodziejstwo zabierajcie wszystko tak dalej a szybciej jebne tą gierką