SPEAK constructively
From time to time below the publications that appear on the Community page we find strange comments which apparently are written in some unknown language because we cannot decrypt them 😄

We have recently conducted a survey in order to pull back the curtain on what makes our users to leave comments that do not make any sense.

Imagine our surprise when the survey results showed that 88% of respondents had not ever post comments which contained only numerals or a set of letters that were unreadable. Who leaves such comments then?...

Just to be clear: we appreciate when you give us feedback. Just do not leave a comment for a comment. There is nothing you can get for it.

In case you have any problems - describe them, if you’d like to criticize us or thank for something - feel free to do that in comments.

If you are so impressed with something and have no words - you can click on the ♥️ button.
je ne pas eu mon bonus du jour il avait pas le bouton réclamez alors je rien eu
Perhaps players are just shy or think they will be punished in some way if they complain?
When you have contests you should pay out prizes.
Lady Of the Lake
I have a great idea how about you guys make kingdoms unavailable during COT, it would be a great idea
I am 125 lvl commander roller 14 level vip 30 days 100/100 collection bonus and 3 pieces of brown hardware 1 hour 45 minutes also collect
How many hours does a new player collect 1M silver?
Les gens ne vous respectent plus parce que vous rendez ce jeu de plus en plus difficile, arrêtez d'usurper nos droits et essayez de jouer un bon jeu.
Dennis the menace
I was almost thinking that 88% of your users where happy with all the 'improvements' you made over the last years! Lucky it was not that. Might be nice to see you improved drop rates again, we have a shortness on gold, silver and tar (all of them!)