Dear players!

Please note that the effect of bonuses with different percentage doesn’t stack. If you activate a 300% experience bonus while there is an activated 100% experience bonus you will deactivate this way the effect of the second bonus.

Be attentive and do not deprive yourself of benefits by deactivating bonuses ahead of their expiration time.
Po prostu chyba robią celowo takie utrudnienia ta gra nie może być łatwa?
300% bonusu neden vermiyorsunuz???
Wye Pestus Here's something to do your simple arithmetic on. The normal vote for an election is somewhere around 415 votes. Desperate measures is putting it lightly.
znów wydłużyli czas zbierania srebra przy bonusie do zbierania 100% i włączonym ViP wioska 22 lev 7 godzin 2 dni temu 3,40 CO WY QRWA WYRABIACIE ????
This is not a feature, it's a bug. You can't take away something I have paid for just because I also paid for something else. Why don't you find better ways of making the game fun rather than new ways of screwing over your customers!?
You're nothing but a bunch of lying, greedy azz mother f'ers !!!
Skazany na Bluesa

In connection with the activities of the clan from the k34 kingdom, which was taken over by the clan from the k27 kingdom and the player's statement in the chat of the k34 kingdom, - http: // prntscr. com / p53qz6 - asking administration is it true that it favors these players? Or maybe members of the administration are playing in these alliances?
Lestat de Lioncourt
[W_W] kowalcook [W_W] kowalcook [LDK] Khanstantin KEFIRosz, bedą punkty, beda) если ты хорошенько карту VISA пополнишь) а нам бонусы от разработчиков) TRANSLATE ([W_W] kowalcook [LDK] Khanstantin KEFIRosz, there will be points, will be) if you complete the VISA card exactly), we have bonuses from programmers ))) [W_W] kowalcook I dont know that this is true or not, but send this info becouse this is very disturbing news, let more people know this
пробуем пробуем
Sir Lancelot
good question