WebGL Open Beta
Most important feature we released today is access to WebGL beta.

It is intended as a replacement for Flash-version because outdated Adobe Flash technology will be completely disabled in all modern browsers next year.

There are two requirements to get access:

- One of these browsers: Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox.

- At least 4Gb RAM installed to your computer.

If these conditions are met you will be able to launch WebGL-version by pressing a big red button titled 'TRY THE NEW BETA WITH +100% FASTER FPS' at the top of game screen.

Please keep in mind that it is still in development so we will be grateful if you share your feedback and help us to polish it for perfection before official release.
In the gameworld the beta testers get something back , here we get a buggy webclient and we have nothing to show for . Are you really this greedy to let your players do the testing and not compensate them ??????
Voting and some battle reports do not work properly under Beta. The buttons are either not visible or do not work. Click them and nothing happens.
Doc Holliday
Just tried the Beta again..... much better.... 4GB is running it. Noticed a glitch that in running attacks it starts leaving my returning line, even though I can send out new attacks.
Doc Holliday
It looks like the memory requirements are 4 GB RAM over and above what ever you use for system. For most computers, this means you need at least 6 GB of RAM to run the WEBGL version of the game. 4GB is definitely not enough.
ok !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
je ziet niet alle troop bewegingen in het spel dit is soms lastig waardoor je iemand aanvalt mij een goudmijn of zo iets
en je ziet ook niet alle troop bewegingen van je eigen leger
Players of all nations STOP BUYING PACKAGES !!!! -Game administration should go to the store to buy reason !!! give us players all the nations that were from the crates when TB was created - I know that I will get a blockade on my account for my words but enough of your robbing honest people :(
Gracze wszystkich narodów STOP KUPOWANIA PAKIETÓW!!!! -Administracja gry niech idzie do sklepu kupić rozum !!! oddajcie nam graczom wszystkie narody jakie były ze skrzyń jak powstał TB - wiem że dostane blokade na konto za moje słowa ale dość waszego okradania uczciwych ludzi :(!
Dziadzio Marafir
1. nie pokazuje marszu do giełdy - po restarcie pokarze
2. jak pokarze marsz do giełdy nie da się go przyśpieszyć - dopiero po restarcie można
3. godzina nie ta o ok 2 h
takie drobne niedoróbki na początek