GAME's been updated
The maintenance is over 🤩
New monsters will appear on the kingdom map as soon as we kick them out from the tavern.
Lady Of the Lake
What would be really nice if you hadnt banned half of the comments, is allow us to put at least shields on our resource puts sort of if you buy the shield it covers not only your city but your resource pits as well. The game is turning into a TOTAL JOKE!
lord rali of scots king of England
Players of all nations STOP BUYING PACKAGES !!!! -Game administration should go to the store to buy reason !!! give us players all the nations that were from the crates when TB was created - I know that I will get a blockade on my account for my words but enough of your robbing honest people :(
Gracze wszystkich narodów STOP KUPOWANIA PAKIETÓW!!!! -Administracja gry niech idzie do sklepu kupić rozum !!! oddajcie nam graczom wszystkie narody jakie były ze skrzyń jak powstał TB - wiem że dostane blokade na konto za moje słowa ale dość waszego okradania uczciwych ludzi :(!
This game is becoming a real joke. Now matter how much I improve my captains and hero, the cost to attack monster hasn't changed one bit. It's all due to the fact that you guys always get the first hits in. Also, after getting the new title from treasure, I thought things would change a tiny bit but I should have known better. I haven't even seen that title work at all. Time to stop spending my money on this game.
Dear TB ! Can You please explain the following ?
zıpırgibisin uydaaaa
TB Reaper
No helps needed or CHESTS?? After being off for 12 http://hrs.No Chats! REALLY??? Broken again huh?? Great way to start a TB Game day! NOT .. please fix!
Shrek Kifurowski
The Finn Est
What, you mean that TOS include not playing with the game ? is it allowed to have fun ? seriously ...

What about cases with few targets, is there a timer of some sort ?
Greetings Earkeyan,

Scoring works correctly. Reduction of the rewards for repeated victories over one player is intended to lower the number of contractually arranged battles which contradicts the Terms of Service.