Third crypt was detected
🗺️ Third ancient structure was found on the edge of a dilapidated cliff.

🗿 It survived miraculously but all statues around the main building were destroyed.

❓ Can you imagine what can be discovered in the depths of these ruins?

🎁 Author of most original comment will get 500000 Epic Tar as a present.
lord rali of scots king of England
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Did anyone ever get the prize?
To pozostałość starożytnej cywilizacji, która posiada wyjątkową moc i strzeże artefakt potężnej siły.
wygląda jak ekskluzywny, starożytny burdel :-)
On the wilderness plains of the far east, Bugs found himself searching for another lost ruin, but this one is believed to be thousands of years older than any ruin ever found in history. After a long morning of marching he came across a a large rock poking out of the ground, being tired from walking he sat on the rock to rest for a while and have a drink from his canteen. As he tilted the canteen to drink the rock dropped about a foot, making a grating sound and Bugs spilled his water all over himself as he tumbled backwards over the rock. Standing up he noticed the grating sound getting louder as before him a massive structure raised from the ground. Putting his canteen away, Bugs began walking towards the massive building as it continued to rise from the grassy plains, until it stopped at four stories above ground level. Walking up the rubble covered stairs, which led to the only entrance he could see Bugs pulled out his trusty flash light before entering the dark interior of the ruin temple? He could not find any stairs leading up, but there was stairs leading down so down he went shining his torch along the walls which were covered in pictures of strange animals and objects that he could not name. At the end of the stairs he heard voices behind a door, which he opened. As the door opened the voices stopped and beyond the door was a large room filled with machines and screens with misshaped beasts sitting before them. Shaken with fright Bugs could not move and a large bull man with horns moved towards him and spoke ' What are you doing here and how did you manage to find us? ' In reply all Bugs could say in a shaky voice was 'Who are you?' The beast replied 'I am the manager of Total Battle and this is our headquarters' With wide eyes Bugs turned and run out screaming.
I stood in a bare room inside the crumbling building light by purple light from torches around the walls. In the center of the floor a metal plate read "Do you seek knowledge or power? Speak correctly and enter my tomb" Remembering my old teacher, I thought out loud "Knowledge is Power." A section of floor slid aside, and I followed the steps down to another chamber bare except for a sarcophagus. An inscription read "Here lies Sir Walter Fartsworth. A Great Scientist".

A statue of a scholar lay on lid of the sarcophagus. although the hands were crossed on his chest, one finger pointed at the wall. Following the direction, I found a loose block. Behind it I discovered a case containing pages of parchment on which appeared curious writings that appeared to be formulae.

I gave the case to my tar master when I returned home explaining where I found it. After examining the parchments he became very excited explaining to me that Sir Fartsworth was the legendary scientist who learned how to infuse certain gases into common tar to produce both rare and epic tar. I had brought back his secret formulae to allow us to manufacture these enhanced tars. I was now the most powerful man in the kingdom.
You have found an abandoned crypt ... however it is far, far from empty, a Purple headed Wyrm has taken up residence, it spits purple sticky goo which entraps it's victims until they can be eaten later. In fact the glow from this purple goo can be seen from outside the building, which lures in even more unsuspecting passers by, forewarned is forearmed, give a wide berth of this place (unless you want to be stuck in purple goo!!!) ...
my momma always use to say..playing Total Battle is like a box of never know what you going to get
The treasure rumored to be lost, was ,once again, thought to be in reach. Upon the discovery of the Third Great Crypt the stories began again, many fanciful, many wild, but the one thread remained woven through them all – the Fabled Elixir of Life. An elixir that some said brought the dead alive, others that those who drank it had eternal life. Whatever the truth, kingdoms had fought each other for it, kings and queens betrayed for it, and whole cites slaughtered for the chance to own it – to possess it. The clans were sending their mightiest, their best. The priests had been consulted and all agreed it would require not just strength but skill and cunning. This would be an epic adventure as the clans prepared to enter the Great Crypt in search of the elusive Elixir of Life.