Game update
Dear friends,

game update is coming soon.

Following features will appear in the game after the completion of the technical maintenance:

• 'Treasure Hunt' - brand new regular tournament,
• new high-level Monsters on the Kingdoms' maps,
• increased time limit for Marches to Mercenary Exchanges,
• avatar with a bonuses for maximum capacity and production rate of Sacred potions.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by temporary server stop.
lord rali of scots king of England
ok giles c you in novemner swim party southen on sea in paddling pool
you need to put things in perspective just to get to level 3 would take years for the average player this game should be fun to play, it shouldn't just be about making money.
How about adding something for the average players ?
yup, once again scheduled for the brief time before I go to work, gonna miss out on a bunch of nice chests.......much appreciated....
Jeffy le Diablotin
Si vous pouviez dire... environ combien de temps dur la MAJ, ce serait bien. Merci
wow is that all you doing
tak jesteście wielcy ignoranci , i bezmózgowcy,
siedzi człowiek czeka na aktualizacje. Mijają godziny i nic. Włączam bonusy, zaczynam lać potwory i nagle aktualizacja. Gratuluje twórcom gry dobrego informowania graczy. Jesteście wielcy !!!
jak zawsze, totalne lekceważenie gracz, brak teeminu, , olewacie nas i tyle
Announced for 10.30 am no it is 2 pm and the update starts :-( ... LOL