Discovery of unknown object
🗺️ Previously unknown object was spotted deep within thickets of ancient wood.

🏛️ Scouts reported that they saw several smaller structures placed around core building.

❓ Can you imagine what can be discovered in the depths of these ruins?

🎁 Author of most original comment will get 500000 Tar as a present.
The Resurrection of a lost account with restore bonuses and all troops ready for action a bit like finding the Holy grail if you been away from game for awhile due to personal issues 'Back In Business!!!' =)
lord rali of scots king of England
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How long do these contests go on for before there is a winner? As it's been over two months now and no winner has been anounced? We have many players spending there time and effort writing interesting stories and they hear nothing from you for two months? It's not right and it's not fair on the players who entered these contests to wait so long and get no reply from you? On none of these contests have I seen any cut off date for when the contests ends, so players could be entering after the end date and not know it? This is also not fair on players who enter late and not relise that it's a waste of time for them ?
I was just woundering how long these contests go on for and when are the winners to be announced? As I have never entered these before and I can't find any info about the time limit and announcements ?
Deep inside of the cave walking around he discover a lake of lava carefully walking watching his step he press forward
then he saw ahead something shone brightly then he got closer and found out that it was the Excalibur sword
Now everyone knows your regular portal which allows you to move quickly to another part of the kingdom, appears to hum with a blue glow for the user and their compatriots in the same clan (or when seen by others it emits an organge glow) ... even an interkingdom portal appears to glow blue to the user and their friends (or red to other observers) when used during the Battle of the Kingdoms ... but there had long been foretold of another even more powerful portal which signified by the colour green, you are convinced you have found such a portal glowing from within the depths of these ruins ... you decide to investigate further, as fabled, will it allow you to travel to another Kingdom at any time or will it send you to OBLIVION? There will be only one way to find out ...
teren skażony, wchodzisz na własną odpowiedzialność.
Little Satya
And the winner is....???
Bugs was deep in the African jungle, when he saw a tower of stone raising above the forest canopy. Excited, Bugs quickens his pace when he comes to a clearing and stops in amazement, before him stood a ring of stone monolith's surrounding a larger structure. Upon closer inspection he sees a pale green glow from an opening leading within the massive stone tower. Slowly, he enters the narrow opening finding a corridor, with walls covered in picture graphs and strange symbols. Moving down the passageway the walls gave off a pale glow. On expecting the walls he discovered moss growing on the damp areas and the moss gave off a pale green light, that allowed Bugs to see within the dark deeps of the tunnel. The floor began to slope down and the ceiling became lower until Bugs had to bend down and travel forwards on hand and knees. After 10 minutes crawling forward the tunnel widened in all directions until he could stand again, with just the occasional bump to his head from low rocks poking down from the ceiling. Suddenly he stood still as he heard a sharp 'crack' sound coming from ahead. Moving silently forward he peaked around the next bend and discovered a brightly lit cavern. Stepping out into the light as his eyes slowly adjusted to the new brightness, he saw strange beasts working in the cavern, one with horns was walking around with a basket scattering dust and dirt on the floor. Another looking strangely like a Bird was chiseling on a wall and in the middle where the bright light was coming from stood a flaming rock beast, who turned at bugs entrance. In a deep voice the flaming beast said, 'What are you doing here? We are closed and haven't finished redecorating yet and it's not even the tourist season! So please leave and come back in two months when the tourist season starts.' The flame beast turns back and Bugs with a surprised look on his face, goes back through the tunnel and into the forest to continue his search.
As Carter ventured deeper into the dark depths of these mysterious ruins he found a box glowing. Remembering the tales from the ancients of a lost chest of treasure called pandoras box Carter pondered whether to open it or not ? As the ancients told Carter opening it has 2 results, one was an instant terrible death and the other was riches of the tars required for crypts. Open at your own peril.......