Another Hero will arrive soon!
🤝 Many players asked for it and we heard them!

📆 In a few days everyone will be able to use brand new Hero.

❓ Can you guess which two bonuses will be active while using this avatar?

🎁 First player who correctly describe new character's features will get Avatar unlock item.
Dear friends,

here is the winner:

Attiła The Hun

🎁 The reward was already added to your account. Please check your Journal.

Please do not be discouraged if you are not on the list of the rewarded! There are many interesting contests ahead.

The next stage is coming soon! ⏳
Sir Lancelot
who won? :)
Ce serait bien aussi en français !
Mithril Antimarr
increase in the rate of potion production and capacity
Ability to instantly resurrect 50% of fallen troops used in battle against other players without using potions and 40% of troops used in attacking monsters
Jose Portugal
100 % liderança 50% dominio
1. ~Reduce troop revival cost~ by decreasing the amount of sufficient currency required to relieve troops and while 2. ~Increasing sacred potion capacity~ to accommodate expedition of many troops. (Would seem like production increase due to conveniences.)
He will be Merlin with resurrection of lost troops. Instant use of potions without delays.
resurrection of soldiers with potions and discovery of cellar tombs

Serdar Ordusu
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