Fair random Chances
Dear friends,

please let us explain some important moments regarding chances of specific actions during encounters with other players or monsters.

• Side which will deal First hit is always selected randomly (except using Guan Yu avatar while fighting rival player or utilizing Siege engines). This choice is independent for each individual battle.

• Double damage chance is determined for each standalone battle step regardless previous results. It is also possible that Double damage chance may be applied several times in a row because there is no connection to previous battle steps or enemy performance.

• Chance to strike two squads at once is also considered for each battle step individually.

There are several ways to increase these chances by equipping your Hero or Captains with certain items, applying Talents or researching corresponding Technologies.

Investigating activation rate or trying to discover specific patterns are useless due to completely random nature of these events.
Tiger Boy
Out of 10 attacks, the monster hit first in the first 9, and I have also notice that the bonuses when you combine items such as gems have also dropped. Tome to play fair TB
30 attacks against random monsters tonight...and in 30 attacks I did NOT get a first strike...and this is what you call RANDOM ?! Hmmmm...sounds like a lot of BULLSHIT to me !!!
bicycle repairman
doomsday, 8 attacks only 1 scores hardly random
There is nothing "fair" about this game at all. 9.9 % of the time, first strike always goes to you guys. Even with added bonuses, equipment, and title bonuses, you always come out on top. I'm not looking to win each and every time...and I understand you're running a business...but how much is enough ?! You lie about everything. I can attack a smaller monster and have it cost even more than attacking a higher level monster due to the first strike !!! That doesn't even make sense !!! Stop pissing on our legs and then tell us its raining...we all know a lie when we see it !!!
Lady Of the Lake
the game is bullshit , you have made it almost impossible , how much more can you piss people off and call us Dear Friends
this is bullshit. in 15 attacks in row at monsters from level 5 to 15, most of them is i get second attack, and in some of them where i hit first, NEVER didnt get double XP and never get 300% bonus. to many rubbish here and i started to hate this game regardles playing it year long
Load of bullshit.
Do not Cry
I conducted research in this direction.
Game mechanics give monsters an advantage of 2-3%
how can i hit 10 times in a row go second each time and this be called random and fair, what a load of rubbish