We are really excited to witness how the same player is demonstrating undiminished interest in achieving new heights of progression in the game world.

In these special moments when Heaven&Hell passes another milestone we understand that our game is incredibly fascinating.

We are pleased to note that Heaven&Hell is the first player who was able to do the following in a consecutive row:

🌟 completed research for all essential Army Modernization Technologies
🌟 unlocked the best Guardsmen available at the moment
🌟 reached level cap for Hero and Captains
🌟 crafted unique Godlike Armor Set

We prepared something really noticeable and inaccessible to anyone else to reflect his undeniable progress.

Trailblazer - is a one of a kind Title which clearly matches his deep knowledge of the game and marks him as established opinion leader.

Congratulations from the whole development team!
Без доната нет адекватного подъёма и развития в игре. Тупо мизерные шаги даже по два два-три часа играя. Сбалансировать для игроков всех уровней,это то для чего и нужно доводить саму игру. Меня могут ставить те,кого я не смогу и через год в ответ проатачить))))) А игроки с много миллионной могучкой не брезгуя атачат от 10 уровней города.... Что им сделают они в ответ,да ничего вообще! Даже объединившись, это пустая затея.
Zajefajna jest ta gra:
between the two realms, excuse me*
With respect to this post and the topic of H&H, the image is bad@$$. Cloaked angel hovering above the two realms. Nicely done :)
Negative comments are made by those who have spend a lot of money and still suck at the game looking at I AM GROOT Aka I AM NOOB
congrats hh have fun and continue to master game
Posts of this type seem more like the celebration of those who spend a lot of money in the game rather than the celebration of really good players. Even if I know that my words will not be heard I like to dream and therefore continue to hope that one day the game will be made more balanced and give greater prominence to those who are really better and who spend more time on the game.
żenada .....
nie stac mnie na szastanie milionami euro jak HH ale wydal bym na ta gre jakas kase gdybyscie mi to umozliwili- bo z tymi pakietami ktore sa dostepne niestety sie nie zapoznam blizej..jesli nie zrobicie rownych cenowo pakietow w przedzialach cenowych od najnizszych do najwyzszych to wielu graczy ktorzy wydali by mniejsze pieniadze nie wyda zadnych,,ale jak sie cieszycie ze HH zamknal gre a reszta mu finansowo do piet nie dorasta to super..:)
Wie viele der Programmierer finanziert H&H jeden Monat?