Congratulations to Paul McCammon!
We remember about competition 🏆 where participants tried to guess new Hero's bonus.

Unfortunately no one was able to describe the real bonus of Yamato.

However, as was promised, a prize from Development team will be sent to the author of the most interesting idea for a future Hero.

Paul McCammon proposed to create an avatar which will increase production rate of Sacred potions in the Temple.
🎁 Please contact Support team to get your reward, Paul. You will get Unlock and Change avatar items.

💡 This idea seems appealing to a broad audience so we will keep it in mind.

❓ What do you think about such bonus? Will you enjoy using this avatar?
and the prize for the dude FURTHest from truth that u said well again half a job for total battle
Sandor Clegane
Definitely a hero i would never use.
Increase production rate of Sacred potions in the Temple..!?


I saw many ideas better than this in comments

Increase Production Rate..!?

Increase the limit of the amount of the potions, that is a good idea, now the limit is ridiculous and we can not increase it or investigate, because there is no such option in investigations

Do you want to put a new avatar that has to do with Sacred potions? Put an Avatar that increases by 100% or more the limit of the amount of the potion that can be obtained, and of course, put an option of research in the University that allows us to raise the amount of Sacred Potion in the Temple, because the one that is now there is ridiculous
YES!!! Do bring it on... We need more "Tention"...!
One solution for a game which is improving some of its limited statures and features for many components. He might not make you crumble right at his feet as an internal newcomer, health is kept as keepsake to seek! Shine the light on an avatar who can apply the capabilities of many heroes and captains... Does this leave room? I do think it was a good call for the new avatars bonus. Good idea!

Is {~Yamato's~ experience any odd discrepancy of *`Matemhain's*`
Mad Monk's idea is much more interesting
ok !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think its like Dolkree said .... Boring .... well it is still better Avatars like the ones before this one , hero strikes first , was a great hero idea , this is a Battle Game, (((((( Here's an idea How bout an evil hero))))))) his name is Moordrac he was a general to the north in Genghis Khan's army , one night , their army encampment came under attack , by giant bats , and unknown creatures, and slayed and killed Moordrac' s whole army , even Moordrac lay their amongst the dead bodies of loyal clan brothers , for what seemed like days, slipping in and out of consciousness , until he snapped out of the trance , and came to. Somehow his wounds had healed , and he felt better , stronger , and ..... different . But still there were 2 marks on his neck , 2 scars , where he can barely remember some thing had attacked and pinnned him down and bit into his neck , draining his blood. Moordrac knew all too well what had bit him what he had become ,,,, he had become the new idea and game innovation hero for Total Battle , he is the evil hero '''' Moordrac""" who has the power of ''' Vampiric Eye Gaze Bonus''' Gives the hero , the ability to gaze into common monster squads of levels 1 per 10 levels of own hero's might.. . and bring them under control to march upon other player's city only. ;;;;; example , say your hero is level 80 , then you can use the special bonus to gather under control a monster squad level 8 or lower , and then the monster squad joins in the mercs and monsters section , for as many attacks as they are still alive, until they are dead, you can use different monster squads for different effects , and just like mercs, only you don't have to pay for them , you just have to pay for new evil hero '' Moordrac ''
Mezarlar iyice berbat oldu ,gümüş köylerini çoğaltın ve 1M degil daha fazla miktarlar olmalı
15 dakikka görünmeyen şehir bonusu olan kahraman daha iyi olur