Yamato's bonus
Brand new hero is already waiting for you in the game!

When used properly, Yamato imposes a temporary ban on the revival of the defeated enemy Hero from the Temple.

It is required to successfully scout enemy city to activate this bonus. If enemy scouts will defeat yours during the reconnaissance, then the bonus will not work!

Your opponent will not be able to restore and use the Hero for 20 minutes.

We remind you that the bonus of the defeated Hero will no longer work in the Temple.

🎁 The participants of the contest dedicated to the Yamato's bonus were unable to guess the exact action correctly, but the development team chose several interesting suggestions. Their authors will receive Change avatar items. Rewards will be distributed after the game server launch.

❓ What are your thoughts about the new Hero's bonus?
❓ Will you use Yamato as your avatar?
Mam tłumacza ,lecz z tego nic nie rozumiem?
Mam tłumacza ,lecz z tego nic nie rozumiem?
Only 2 persons are using this hero in Top 100 in Individual by world Rating. I told you it is a mistake to make such hero
Just used Yamato and the enemy's hero's bonus is still working while in Temple. What a waste. I only took Yamato for this reason. If hero's bonus still working in Temple then no reason to use Yamato. Bummer.
Lestat de Lioncourt
It is definately a hero no one would ever guess. And as an added bonus most of us are still wondering what in the hell were you thinking.
my proposal was to make a hero who levels negative bonuses in the attack (-10%) and defense (-25%) on the recovery of troops in the temple, so he would be really useful and very popular, and yours, if you honestly, have nothing at all , no one will take it!
do it improve it do it :))))