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Dear friends,

here's the list of winners:

1. Tyr
3. Merovingian
4. Gece
6. Satyrias
7. Carpathia
8. Фрейд
9. Tauriel
11. naimbecile

🎁 Rewards were already added to your accounts. Please check your Journals.

Please do not be discouraged if you are not on the list of the rewarded! There are many interesting contests ahead.
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NOTE that these monsters are not from the same squad so this is impossible to kill them all together in one battle.
Administration [Post author]
Are you familiar with the dark world of monsters? This is high time to show how good at recognizing monsters you are.
Let the monsters hunting begin!

Here’s what you need to do in order to participate in the event:

• Define the monsters depicted on the illustration.
• Spot the monster squad on the Kingdom map and kill all monsters within one march.
• Copy your battle log and send it to our support in-game.
• It is obligatory to use “Monsters hunting event” as a heading to your message.
• Messages without “Monsters hunting event” heading will not be taken into account!


• The first player to complete the quest will receive 100000 gold.
• The next ten players to complete the quest will receive 10000 gold each.