Summerfest coming soon!
Summerfest will start in a few days after upcoming update which is scheduled for next week!

To participate in this Global event you only need to follow these simple steps:

• Explore Crypts, defeat Monster squads and burn other players' cities to gain event currencies. We highly recommend to do it in this order!)

• Use Summerfest currencies to open special Chests and gain event rating points along with awesome rewards including Mercenaries!

We are also pleased to inform you that all divisions and rewards remained the same as it was in the Springfest!

Top-100 players of your division who score the most points will become Fire Lords and Fire Kings!

These titles greatly increase your army's double damage chance and will last for 30 days.

We will be glad to see you at the Summerfest!

Good luck!
zajebisty podział na grupy 45 m potęgi vs 250 m potęgi szanse sa buhahahahahahahah
gówno leci ze skrzynek w tym festiwalu szkoda czasu.
Hades PL
i was so happy when i got food from 3 golden chests yaayyyyy
Лев Николаевич
Лев Николаевич
Robert Kowal
kiedy sie to zacznie ?
Think of special prizes from boxes (except mercenaries) - bonuses +700 to experience points or + 300 to bravery points that would be something BIG
Sandor Clegane
You should eliminate resources as a reward for these special competitions. Food, Wood, Iron & Stone should be nowhere to be found.... just sayin'
miało nie być limitów marszu do giełd najemników , znowu coś skopali czy znowu coś zmienili , bo mam ograniczenia w marszu na giełde
ciekawe czy wszyscy tak mają , a moze sa inni równiejsi