Once upon a time we discovered a small bug but it was buried under some more serious issues until now.

While developing avatars' system we decided that Heroes should be useful in a certain place where they located at the moment (with very rare exceptions).

❌ Dead Heroes can't fight or work at all.
❌ So their bonuses must not have any effect too.

However we quickly discovered that something went wrong and avatar's bonuses were active even when defeated Hero was sent into the ⛪ Temple.

Recently our Quality Assurance specialists were able to fix this error along hundreds of other more important problems.

Please be ready that after upcoming update which is scheduled for the next month your avatar's bonus will stop working in the ⛪ Temple.

💖 Simply revive your Hero to activate the bonus again.

🗓 More specific details regarding some complex bonuses like Pharaoh's delegates will be published soon.
Scaly Thing
Voodoozragore Excuse me, I beg your pardon.
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This received today!
Rise of the Phoenix
instead of trying to find ways to update and getting as much coin from your players as you can, how about looking at the game itself so we as players don't have to keep having to recover it every 15 minutes thanks to it crashing regular…..cheers
Dear Mad Monk,

Please note that this publication concerns features of avatars not the bonuses they give thanks to the talents they have (
Dear Nualen,

The way Thelensia's bonus works is different. Every 20 hours she receives a gift from one of her lovers. Even when Thelensia is in the Temple, her lovers can visit her and leave gifts.

That is the reason why we decided to leave this feature unchanged.
slow games needs to refresh every 10 minutes :(
Mithril Antimarr
Would be helpful if we had a full list of what was being fixed
Don't entertain us with unnecessary updates, so we can expect a repair for continually shrinking clan lines, ineffective clan premiums, unity discovery speed, silver collection time, continuous server disconnection, and much more.
Continuous shrinking clan lines, ineffective clan bonuses, guard speed, silver collection time and a lot more bugs, we expect a work on them, do not stall us with unnecessary updates.