'Trade routes' basic rules
Dear friends,

please let us remind you some basic rules of 'Trade routes' tournament.

❗️ You don't need any specific Hero avatar or Portals to another Kingdom.

✅ Just click on Mercenary Exchange to choose a Captain and send it to make a purchase.

❗️ March time is limited to 20 minutes.

✅ This is enough to reach the farthest side of any adjacent Kingdom.

❗️ You must find Mercenary Exchange buildings manually.

✅ It is an event with presents for the whole Clan so coordinating with your allies is a great idea and a shortcut to victory.

It's almost 12 hours left. You can still hire many Mercenaries to reinforce your army and reach decent position of the leaderboard.

Good luck!
Little Drummer Boy
There are multiple chat groups that have been created to help out finding exchanges amongst all the kingdoms. 2 that I use regularly are EXCHANGE and exchange... add these and then share any mercenary exchanges that you find with everyone else
Abbie Normal
K71 clan member here. The trade event has started but with each kingdom I visit I get a prompt like: "Interactions with this kingdom is temporarily unavailable? Please advise.
oO nebbia Oo
May i have more information about? all the time the information are very short and not enough.
Conan the Barbarian
No one in Kingdom 71 can play the Trade Rout game so we all should get some refund credits
I have not found any merchant exchange locations and not even sure what they look like to help speed up the process of finding one
Greg Stone
Follow up on exchanges from my previous post. I tried putting a portal closer to the exchange I wanted to use. I got the same result "march time exceeded" There was no reduction in time using the portal. It was identical as without the portal. A waste of time and effort. Better start listening to what we're all saying!!! One last point, when are they going to fix the glitch when trying to get the "free gold" daily gift while using facebook! I've lost out on 3K gold so far. Not every time but he bad ones all have a dead link!!!!!!! I've posted examples to you about this in the past. It's a random thing.
Greg Stone
I have the same problem. I find an exchange in the nearest kingdom (s) but march time is exceeded, sometimes as much as 30 minutes. That is NOT what is stated in the above description. The game needs an adjustment to fix this. It takes a lot of time to just find an exchange!!