Can you find all differences?
Dear friends,

we want to keep you entertained while you patiently waiting for the server launch.
Please feel free to participate in this brand new contest.

Can you find all the differences between two images?


Rules are very simple:

- post in the comments section how many differences you found
- wait until game Administration will contact you
- be ready to show all the differences on the images

Rewards are really amazing:

1️⃣ - any most expensive package by winner's choice
2️⃣-🔟 - 100000 Gold + ten 75% March Speedups
Zajefajna jest ta gra:
To dosłałem z suportu:

Dear user,

None of the players found all the distinctions in the pictures.

Yours faithfully
Total Battle support team

Skoro nikt nie wygrał to niech pokażą rozwiązanie.
Faubar I
Jadzka, I found same, 13. I am sure there are not any others.. :( So I kindly ask administrators for solution.. thx F
Twierdzą, że nikt nie znalazł wszystkich szczegółów. To niech pokażą te, które nie są zaznaczone na obrazku -
Faubar I
Still not finished.. Pls, admins, could you write short message if it is closed. I think it is not fair to do it so. No reply, no solution, no rewards... :(((( F
it takes to much time to complete any procedure
who agrees whit me
this game sucks allways resources as gift
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Faubar I
14 could be found, but it depends how do you count the differences :) (It could be 13 as well as 12 :) F