Mercenaries for Silver!
Dear players,

we remember the general reaction of audience and the greatest number of reviews about Exchange, that was added a month ago as a temporary experiment.

Carefully studied all the wishes we thoroughly enhanced the Exchange and returned the section “Items” familiar to everyone with the possibility of making purchases for Gold. Understanding that even a modified Exchange causes negative emotions among the majority of players, we decided to completely remove the innovation before the announced date and return the unchanged store in the “Items” section.

After the Exchange was disabled we started getting requests for its restoration. A flurry of harsh criticism was replaced by a stream of suggestions for improvement, which convinced us of the need for such mechanics.

Carefully considered the various options the development team chose as the basis for the updated Exchange the most popular product, which was always available only for real money.

Undoubtedly, even beginners will agree that the Mercenaries make it possible to play comfortably and easily achieve their goals. Therefore, you will be pleasantly surprised when you see the familiar building on the maps of the Kingdom.

New Exchange will offer contracts with the Mercenaries for Silver! To emphasize the cardinal difference from earlier version, the name was changed to Mercenary Exchange.

It’s important to understand that we develop optional addition to the existing methods of acquiring items, and not a replacement for the favorite store in the “Items” section. In the Mercenary Exchange you will find only Mercenaries and only for Silver.

In search of ways to further improvement of the Mercenary Exchange, we had an idea of creating a special tournament. By purchasing contracts of Mercenaries to strengthen their own army, the winners will be able to please all the members of their clan with a Chest with rewards.

Like other global events, a new tournament will be held once a week. Mercenary Exchange will appear on the maps of all Kingdoms only during the tournament.

Details about the Mercenary Exchange and the full rules of the new regular tournament will be published in the next few days.

We remind you that Mercenary Exchange, as it was last time, is added experimentally. Your impressions and tournament activity will help to determine the future of this mechanics.

We hope that we were able to clearly demonstrate how the opinion of the audience has a real impact on the development of your favorite game. We always welcome even the most critical reviews and are ready for changes.

It all depends on your wishes and constructive suggestions!

Sincerely yours,
Total Battle team
more info in a couple of days.......... more like couple of years still cant find jack shit about this event
or why it is never working!!
tracenie złota!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the bad thing is you can't use the one in your world , if your more than 20 mins away then you cant get mercs at caravan, thus you do need a certain hero, not like you say you don't, cause if your over 20 away then you can't do it....pop up caravans all over a kingdom so everyone has a chance and make it available if you don't have a special hero to reach it..thxs BH
You've got me tired of the game.
You can't even answer messages.
This game is managing so bad people.
Soon if you continue to TB bankrupt ...
You sucked people out of the game as management.
ok !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Power 1019 account can not have 430m silver without administrative interference. Packages can be purchased only after the tutorial.
Siber Türk ben Gazi Kral
Total Battle is a cheater.
They help some players by cheating.
Don't waste your money for this game.
Why can't I get answers to the messages I wrote to the support team?