Rest in peace, Biglime!
Dear friends!

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of one of our players. In the game he was known under the nickname Biglime.

He will be rememebered not only as an active and ambitious player and the leader of LOW clan, but also as a decent and honest person and a good friend.

Our most sincere condolences go out to his family and friends.
Jak Ktos nie rozumie co tu pisza to skopiuj wklej do Translatora i wiesz oczym rozmowa jest to moja rada ja to popieram
No bardzo Ĺ‚adnie tylko nic nie rozumiem z tego co piszecie?
Uther Pendragon
RIP Biglime and condolences to all of the players family for their loss.
Uther Pendragon
Anel, is that any way to speak of the deceased. Remember Karma.
He was a real jerk.
I am sorry to hear of his passing, may he rest in peace. I think this is very special ,as it denotes your care for the players. Thank you.

I saw many portal all over around his town as a tribute to him. It was a beautiful sight.
krister swe
R,i,P warrior
rest in peace i did not know biglime but it shows how much he ment to so many
Slave Girl
RIP BigLime. I was deeply moved by the slow march/portal tribute. Very beautiful!