Clan Medals

Another feature of the recent update is Clan Medals.
Today we are asking for your opinion! Please let us know what you think of this feature in the comments.
We really appreciate your effort to help us make the game better.

Building Interface

Dear players,

As always, we are open to your responses and opinions. An update was released a couple of days ago, and, of course, the most important thing for us is your feedback.

What do you think of the new building interface in the mobile version? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments! 

Use it to explore Crypts in the Kingdom map.
Get your daily gift! šŸŽ
TOTAL BATTLE Anniversary

Hi everyone!

You've been asking a lot about the game's birthday, but earlier we couldnā€™t give you a clear answer. Launching a game isn't easy: it involves playtests with real players, a launch for a limited audience, and improvements based on initial feedback. The game became available in the first quarter of 2016, but the full release took place in March-April. So we decided to choose an exact date, and we think that April 12th would be the perfect fit as the launch day.

We'd also like to say a very special thank you to our awesome players, who gave us the idea for a game cake. The moment we saw the drawing by one of our players, we immediately decided that we had to bring his idea to life. A few seconds later, we were already looking for a bakery that could create such a unique orderā€¦ and we finally got the chance to taste the finished work of art.

Unfortunately, we couldn't share it with all our playersā€¦ But we decided to find a way to bring joy to our audience in a different way.

What's a birthday without presents? Everyone who has logged in during the last month will get guaranteed presents!

Next year, we promise that we'll prepare really well and organize a memorable celebration for everyone!

Easter Community Event

Brave warriors!

There is a new event ongoing in the Community!

Help Proscope to catch a thief! -->

Easter Events

Dear friends,

While spring has been thawing the thick winter blanket, Easter events have already started across all kingdoms!

Gather Easter eggs in order to fill your ā€œEaster Basketā€: the more eggs you collect, the more unique rewards you will get in the event! Earn carrot seeds in the ā€œCarrot Harvestā€ event by completing Daily missions and claiming Percivalā€™s daily gift. Spend the seeds to build Carrot Monsters, then attack them with your entire clan to get Delicious carrots along with unique clan chests. The more Delicious carrots you earn, the more eggs you will get!

Defeat Werebeast squads on the Kingdom Map to participate in the ā€œPursuit of Easterā€ tournament. Earn Wolf coins to get even more Easter eggs! Gather Easter trophies to participate in the ā€œEaster Competitionā€ event and get a chance to win a unique title, dragon coins and the most precious types of tar!

Easter Is Coming

Dear players,

We are happy to announce that Easter events are starting at 09:00 PM (UTC +0) March 28 in anticipation of the holiday itself!

Multiple diverse game activities await! Make haste to participate, win rewards and get some awesome mood!

Update Is Over

Dear friends,

The update is over and we are happy to tell more about what was fixed in the game!

  • City Walls are now correctly displayed

After the recent update many players had City walls of different levels displayed in the defense troops. Now all the walls are displayed correctly!

  • Caravan launch error

Previously, some players had to open the caravan launch interface again upon the return of one of the captains from a march. Now that window is displayed correctly despite the return of one of the captains from a march!

  • Daily mission progress is correctly synchronized with points scored.

  • All burning walls have been restored.

  • Restored game progress for players who accidentally created a new account.

  • Battle of Challengersā€™ result notification will no longer be displayed to players who did not participate in it.